Gym Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

Personal Trainer; Bethany Power BSc, MSc, Dhip.


Gym Personal Training is held at a private health care gym in Medway, Kent, UK (near the A2 motorway). The private health care gym has great industrial cardiovascular equipment, resistant machines, free weights, functional equipment and health care services. They offer a great range of group exercises classes for all levels. They have a 25 metre pool with spa and they also have a crèche. This would be great for anyone who would like to increase muscle size, lose body fat, increase muscle tone or rehabilitate an injury.


For membership prices contact Daniel Gilbert - 01634 292900 (Membership Consultant) to give you more information and details of the gym facilities, membership and to receive a complimentary day via Beth Power - Power Fitness Care.


Complimentary Consultation:
All services come with a complimentary consultation.


Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching:

What will Bethany provide?

  • A detailed tailored workout or rehabilitation session.

  • Discussion of exercise / what to do in-between PT sessions.

  • Nutrition support, designed for your body type your goal BUT more importantly your lifestyle, for those of you who have obstacles.

  • Added to nutrition software, where I can help track your nutrition, require necessary support, but also give you the view of my nutrition intake also.

  • Added to a private secrete Facebook page (invite only) where no public can see. This is so you can get to know my other clients, share your progress; ideas’ and talk real issues, share recipes and get support 24/7 not just from me but from my team of clients. It’s up to you what you post/share.

Your commitments:

  • To be HONEST.

  • Fill in the Client Questionnaire Sheet in as much detail as you can. This will give me the information I need to plan and tailor your training or rehabilitation programme, as well as prescribing / coaching nutrition and tracking your progress.    

  • Depending on your specific needs, communication and training appointments are necessary to reach your goal effectively.

  • If a cancelation to you PT appointment is needed please provide 24 hour notice, so you are not charged and I can replace your appointment. This is not my policy.

  • I would like you to provide me with a REAL and HONEST 7 day food diary.

  • If you can I would like you to commit 12 weeks. This is a commitment not a passing 4 week fad diet…. Lifestyle changes take time especially if you want to learn not to go backwards.


In House Gym Personal Training & Nutrition Prices:

Personal Training, by Direct Debit: (Terms & Conditions) 

  • PT by Direct Debit allows you to pay for your training sessions on a monthly affordable basis.
  • All direct debit options hold a minimum term contract of 3 direct debit payments, after this you will need to contact the club to make any amendments.
  • Do ensure you are able to use all your sessions in the month, as unused sessions will be lost.
  • Top Up Sessions are exclusively to PT by Direct Debit clients, in case you wish to add in a session or two on top of your regular monthly session count.
ProductSessionsDurationExpiryPrice Per SessionPrice
PT by Direct Debit 4 per month 60 minutes Monthly £46 £184 per month

PT by Direct Debit

8 per month

60 minutes



£360 per month

PT by Direct Debit

12 per month 60 minutes Monthly £44 £528 per month

PT Top Ups

  60 minutes 90 Days of Purchase £46 £46


Personal Training Packs: (Terms & Conditions)

  • All PT Package options are paid upfront in one go.

  • These sessions can be taken at any time and as many as you like each week. 

ProductSessionsDurationExpiryPrice Per SessionPrice
PT Package 1 60 minutes 90 Days of Purchase



PT Package


60 minutes

90 Days of Purchase



PT Package   10  60 minutes 90 Days of Purchase   £50  £500


If you’re interested, please contact us for more info. Email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .