Online Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

Personal Trainer: Bethany Power BSc, MSc, Dhip.


Lifestyle Coach: John Power.


Online personal training is a worldwide service that’s great for clients who have high experience of knowledge of gym equipment and technique. Or have great technique of exercises they can do at home. This is a commitment package, not a passing 4 week fad diet…. Lifestyle changes take time especially if you want to learn not to go backwards. We believe everyone needs support even professionals, to keep them motivated and on track.


What we provide?

  • You will receive a detailed weekly programme for the days you can train a week, with rest days.

  • A daily nutrition plan, designed for your body type AND more importantly lifestyle, for those of you who have obstacles.

  • Daily support and access information to contact via email and a member group page so we can monitor your progress via nutrition and training for necessary changes to keep on track.

Your commitments:

  • To be HONEST.
  • Fill in the client questionnaire sheet sharing details of your goals, measurements, previous fitness experience, injuries, health conditions, allergies and dislikes, which will be kept confidential.
  • Weekly measurements, which will help us to monitor your progress.
  • Depending on your specific needs, communication and booking in your sessions regularly are necessary to reach your goal effectively.


1-2-1 Personal Training & Nutrition2-2-1 Personal Training & Nutrition
£150 per month £260 per month